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    [Guide] Since the second half of 2016, vapers can see that all ecig companies have constantly launched their new products. The brands like joyetech, Smok, Cloupor, Sigelei and other else show a new look in product style. Some of them can impress vapers.

    During this time, IJOY launched several new products. Zenith, a mod With Triple 18650, is very popular with vapers when it first appeared .

    Now let me show you the Zenith of MAXO series from IJOY!

    The packaging of MAXO ZENITH is made of paper. Color matching with blue and white, makes the whole style clan and refreshing. There are 5 types of color schemems-oringe, blue, black, white and stainless steel.
    Below the words of MAXO ZENITH MOD, Added: Lightning knob 2.7-6.2V infinite adjustable.
    The back of the packaging is Product Features and Product Includes. From this, we can see that MAXO ZENITH is a precision made and voltage adjustable mod(2.7V-6.2V) with 3 batteries.

    MAXO is a new series from IJOY and the products of it are mainly in high elcric power and hight output current. Vapers will meet more products from MAXO in the future.

    The packaging inside is very simple, including 1*ZENITH mod, 1* warranty card, 1* bilingual?Chinese-English manual.

    The manual and the warranty card are at the bottom and users have to take it with great force. USB charge line is not included because it doesn’t fit ZENITH. New users need to have a 18650 battery charger.

    Many people worry about the size of ZENTH MOD because it has to contain 3 batteries. Luckily, the design of diamond shape provide larger room for batteries but smaller room of the Mod.

    After an actual test, ZENITH mod is 51mm in length, 40.5mm in max width, 90mm in heigth. Compared with other Mod of triple 18650, ZENITH is rather great.

    The oversized firing button on the top(510) is very stylish, but users may not know where is the botton when fistly using it.

    No wonder the company will remind users of the lightning-shaped bottom on the packaging and maual over and over again. The botton is not only special in shape, but also handy for users to adjust the mod.

    ZENITH mod is decorated with LED. There is a red and a green LED light on the firing button on top to show “on or off”, low or full power, warning sign and other information.

    LED lights are also set on both sides of internal mod. They will both on when pressing the firing button. The light is not too bright and the design is not too showy as well.

    The batteries case is on the back, fixed to the mod by 4 powerful magnets and other 4 fixing cards points. But the card slot is less useful, the magnets play the most important role in fixing.

    The lid is jointed well to the mod, but users should hold the lid together with the mod in case that the mod is removed.

    The logo of IJOY in the middle lid, helps to release the voltage an avoid explosion. The lid can be easily installed upside down to the mod. But sometimes the gap between the lid and the mod is too large.

    The internal part is great in its material and workmanship and with great detail.

    The size of ZENITH is fine, and it is similar to some MINI mod with dual batteries.

    Vapers concern more about the size and weight of triple 18650 mod. Most of the triple 18650 Mods: 1 mod=220g, 1 mod with triple 18650=353g, +atomizer=400g. The weight is acceptable but it is a bit heavy when put into pocket. So it is less handy, can be used in some fixed places like at home or office. But I think it is ok for vaper fans like me.

    ZEBITH mod with 3 batteries and higher efficiency of electric and no waste in screen, allow you enjoy big smog all day. So it can be used for longer time.

    Many people think triple 18650,with 1 more battery, works only 2000 or 2500mAh more than dual 18650. Actually, triple 18650 also enhance the input voltage. So “3>2+1,2>1+1”. This is why many guys think dual 18650 works for longer time than single 18650.

    By the way, infinite adjustable mod with dual 18650, people know some types of it well. We cannot definite it well with “mechanical” or “half-mechanical”, so we called it “voltage controlled” mod.

    I replace complex coil to do the test, same with 6.2V output, the similar result.

    Now, some vapers abroad like to use “series connection”with complex coil to enhance the power of coil and shorten the time of temp rising.

    Two 18650 battery series is common to be used. Disregard the decrease of output voltage, actual voltage is around 7.4V.

    The max output voltage of ZENITH is 6.2V, lower than 7.4V. but better with stabilivolt, voltage adjustable chip. And higher output continuity and stability.

    This type of mod can only control the output voltage, but not the power, temp or other else. It is the real infinite adjustable mod.

    For “voltage controlled”mod, besides the output capacity, users care more about the min resistance. Generally speaking, lower resistance leave more usage range to vapers.

    But ZENITH doesn’t show the data on official website and manual. I thought 0.1Ω around before, and TES Edit also question it.

    ZENITH gave an answer that at first they wanted to make lower resistance even to “0Ω”. (well-working atomizer besides “short circuit”)

    ZENITH official did tests and showed that the min resistance (stable working) is 0.03Ω. Further tests need to be done to know whether it can be lower.

    This time, vapers get a favorite mod with low resistance. Also help the complex coil with dual wire device to provide output. I think users should be careful when building coils. Never try Nickel wire to test ZENITH’ max resistance. To chase low resistance randomly is dangerous. Safety first!

    A. Function
    ZENITH works rapidly and with great power. The atomizer is on when pressing the button.

    The output of ZENITH is great even with complex coil. 3.6-4.5V is fine enough. Triple 18650 rises the voltage to 12.6V Max. The effect of output is very obvious.

    Also low resistance provide large usage range for vapers.
    B. Apearnce
    Compared with other triple 18650 mod, ZENITH is above 5 cm in length, 4cm in width at most, 9cm in height. We can see ZENITH has larger usage room and smaller mod size.

    Arc design is adopted for the mod and no sharp edges on the surface. Comfort grip and special oversized firing button. Some people say that the button is a bit hard to press on. But you will find it fine to handle if you get used to it.

    A Lightening-shaped potentiometer adjustment knob with a LED indicator is a highlight of ZENITH in appearance as well. The design is decorative and not too “showy” like “marquee”.

    During the tests, no obvious defects was found. If have to, that is the gap between 510 and mod is a bit large. Users should clear the leaking and the vent hole in case the air condensation seeping into the mod.

    Another thing is less perfect, the mod is a bit heavy. 400g in weight, is not so portable. It is more suitable to be used in fixed places.

    ZEBITH is exxcellent in its apearance and function. It is very hot when it come to market , the price is $22.99 is cost-effective and competitive from Efun.top.

    I think ZENITH will be competitive and very popular with Vapers who like high output and low resistance.

    ZENITH says all product positioning and function of MAXO. And I am looking forward to more cost-effective products from MAXO series.
    Thanks for reading! Order it just at $22.99 by use coupon code:Zenith ->IJOY MAXO Zenith 300W VV Box MOD
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    возвращаемся к варивольту. ну наконец наигрались с термоконтролями и прочей ненужной ерундой)))
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